The domain name search tool is used to find existing registered domain names. This is a free tool that can be used for brand protection and gap analysis. Check your brand for similiar domains or the exact match in other extensions.  It features a wildcard search and simple filtering allows the results to be refined further.  The top 50,000 domains that contain the search string are returned from the initial search.

To use the tool, enter the string into the search box and click “View Results”. It may take a few seconds for results to show up. If you see some noise in the results, you can further filter by entering a keyword in the top right box.   The results are defaulted to list 10 per page, this can be increased using the buttons on the top left. Domains are hyperlinked so they can be viewed in a new browser window for inspection of content.

Please note that some domains may no longer be registered or have recently expired. To check the registration, please do a whois lookup for the current status.

Currently we have over 43 Million domains in the database. We are adding new registered and discovered domains on a regular basis.

Domain lists are sourced from registry zone files and major search engines.